About me

A 26 year old communications and advertisement student in Paris that only recently chose this direction after 4 successful years of marketing studies. Successful, not because of the diploma I received at the end, but because of the personal goals I was able to accomplish here.  So why change direction? 

Well to be honest, I don’t think I did: most marketeers will tell you that communication is a part of marketing, but I start wondering more and more: is there such a clear border between the two? Marketing roughly talks about 4 p’s and the strategy that comes with it and satisfying customer needs through this strategy. Communication is about the message you send, usually through publicity. Or is it? 

The place where you have your store is generally considered marketing. However, if the store is 20 km away from the consumer it might send him the message “this is not a very practical store” or even worse “this store chain doesn’t care about me”In my point of view a lot of marketeers lack a broad view that is absolutely indispensable in this field. Communication is to me an almost obvious addition, a logical step. 

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